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Thank you for your interest and consideration in The Realty Stop Agency, Inc. for the sale of your residential or commercial property. Below is an outline of steps The Realty Stop takes to sell its large inventory of homes, businesses and various properties.

Although, it may seem that The Realty Stop Agency only specializes in commercial real estate sales, we take great pride when it comes to marketing residential homes and land for our friends and clients. The millions of dollars in commercial real estate listings at our office combined with our aggressive marketing schedule allows The Realty Stop to present your home to a larger network of investors passing through, living or moving into the area!

The Realty Stop is centrally located in Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County, allowing us to serve all areas of the Hudson Valley region. Our sales tenacity and creative, consistent marketing campaigns are why we are a leader when it comes to selling a business or property. Our knowledge and experience of the business sales cycle can offer you the peace of mind needed in knowing the confidential sale of your business or property is quietly moving forward, allowing you the ability to focus on the most important aspect of the sale, YOUR BUSINESS!

Although it is important to be up-beat about the sale of your business, it is equally important to be realistic about what is considered to be the norm in the transfer of a business, especially if food related or retail. According to Ronald J. Gasparro, President and Founder of The Realty Stop Agency, Inc., "The norm could be anywhere from six to eighteen months. Buyers these days are educated and experienced and will show great patience in making a decision about investing a large sum of money in today's economy." There are just too many choices available for a buyer to act too hastily. Buyers are trained to be skeptical these days and they will need to feel comfortable before they sit down at a closing table.

There are also an abundance of areas unrelated to your business that buyers today can invest their money in: income property, stocks and bonds, their home, entrepreneurial start ups, a 2nd home or a bank! It is not unusual to have a buyer that has inquired about your business come back six to nine months later and inquire again - and this time with an offer! This is the exact reason why it is best to seek maximum exposure of your business by joining with a professional business broker's firm such as The Realty Stop, Agency, Inc. ultimately increasing your chances of a confidential, quick and easy sale! If you combine this experienced skepticism mentioned above with the fact that banks are not so quick to lend money toward the purchase of businesses these days, the seller has yet, one more negative factor added, working against a smooth transition and transaction. By choosing The Realty Stop Agency, Inc. to represent you and your business, you will be able to network with like products and reach the maximum amount of qualified buyers at the maximum price for your business.

When joining with The Realty Stop Agency, you can rest assured that your property is being circulated and continually exposed to the right investors through the right means of network advertising! Behind the scenes your business will be exposed to hundreds of buyers verbally while being continually and repeatedly exposed to thousands of investors through our advertising efforts on line and off line. If a buyer has not requested a showing right off the bat, don't worry. There are many, many people that would love to call your place theirs, finding that person that can afford it and successfully handle your operation is a different story. The Realty Stop will only bring qualified buyers!

Once an offer is accepted it is important to move things ahead quickly and quietly. The Realty Stop will consult your buyer throughout the entire buying process, until closed. We will push the sale through by having a significant presence with all parties involved: buyer's lawyers, seller's lawyers, accountants, buyers and sellers during the entire due diligence and sales period. Far too often are deals lost because a buyer is left waiting for an answer from a lawyer or an accountant. The Realty Stop Agency, Inc. will baby-sit the sale of your business until there is a closing and you receive a check!

A good way to look at marketing a residential or commercial property is to compare the advertising campaign to the stock market - if your stock doesn't increase in a year, do you abandon it? Of course not! You wait patiently. It has unforeseen value. You stay focused on the months ahead - which are not that far away! This is the same with the thousands of dollars The Realty Stop Agency, Inc. spends on advertising every year.  Most businesses, especially food related and retail, will take constant repetition and continuous exposure to find a qualified buyer. The momentum must build. If a business is to sell in such a saturated market of choices it is critical to continue the momentum and stay focused. There are NO set guidelines for how long a business should take to sell. Price will be the ultimate determining factor for the sale of your business. The Realty Stop's duties are getting, you – the seller – the highest price possible. We continuallyevaluate activity monthly on each individual product and will recommend a price change if activity and interest has dropped on your business or property.

Please take a moment to review the steps The Realty Stop Agency will take in effort to sell your business or property.

What The Realty Stop can do for you!

A sampling of publications The Realty Stop may use to advertise your home, land, commercial property or business for sale:

NYC publications:

  • New York Times
  • New York Observer
  • The Estiator magazine
  • Back Stage magazine
  • The Village Voice
  • Bar and Nightclub magazine
  • Gotham Variety magazine
  • The Italian Oggi
  • India Abroad
  • The Irish Voice
  • NY Resident

Upstate publications:

  • All issues of The Pennysaver which includes The Bronx, Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam and areas of Connecticut.
  • The Lakeville Journal
  • Hudson Valley Business Journal
  • The Poughkeepsie Journal
  • Upstate House Magazine
  • The Times Herald Record

Network Methods:

  • Your business is hosted on our website which is receiving thousands of unique visitors per week.
  • Online behind the scenes internet marketing campaigns are enacted and studied to gain maximum traffic to from people surfing for businesses.
  • Be seen by recipients of our Network E-Newsletter.
  • Include your business or property in our marketing schedule which also helps drive traffic to our site, ,,,
  • Present your business or property personally to the hundreds of buyers calling and dropping by The Realty Stop to inquire about new inventory.
  • Membership in the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce.

We have a strong belief throughout our real estate firm, that it is not only the reader of the ads that invests in your home or business — it is also the reader's associates, friends or family members. It is the vast network over a period of time that transfers these businesses and properties to new owners. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments and are thinking about selling your business, residential or commercial property, give us a call for a free and confidential consultation.


Ronald J. Gasparro
Principal Broker/Owner
The Realty Stop Agency, Inc.